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Guide for optical fiber splicer

With the advent of FTTH 5G, all countries in the world are laying optical fibers. This also spawned a group of optical fiber fusion engineering team. Maybe when they first came into contact with the industry, they did not know how to choose optical fiber splicer. What are the functions of the optical fiber splicing machine?

The larger the battery capacity, the longer the battery charge time is, just like the cell capacity of the mobile phone. The general working principle is to melt the section of two optical fibers by high-voltage arc, and gently push the two optical fibers into one by high-precision motion mechanism, so as to realize the coupling of optical fiber mode field. Parameters of optical fiber splicer

To select an optical fiber splicer, you must first understand the parameters of the optical fiber splicer.

1. Applicable fiber core number:

In general, most optical fiber splicer in the market is single core splicer, which means they can only splice one optical fiber. The other is a ribbon fiber splicer, which can splice multiple fibers at the same time. The optical fiber splicer can weld 12 cores at the same time.

2. Splicing time:

Splicing time refers to the time when the fusion splicer is aligned and spliced in advance after the optical fiber is put into the optical fiber splicer; The shorter the stitching time, the better.

for example

About an hour. Each welding takes 5 minutes, and only 12 cores can be welded. Others can weld 60 cores at a time. At present, the welding time on the market is less than 10 minutes.

Whether the splicing time is important or not, it is directly related to your workload, that is, your income. Other people can fuse 300 cores a day. You can only fuse 200 cores a day, and the effect will be reduced. Optical fibers usually charge cores according to the number of splicing. The amount of work per day
determines the income of a day.When the workload is large, the time advantage of optical fiber splicer can be brought into play.

Our VIP team once had a project manager who had a 50000 core welding project that needed to be spliced for three months. Without a good splicer, this will be difficult to complete.

3. Heating time:

After the optical fiber fusion is completed, it needs to be protected with a heat shrinkable tube. After the heat shrinkable tube covers the fusion point, it is necessary to heat the heat shrinkable tube. The shorter the better. The current splice is about 20 seconds. When the weather is cold, the heating time is
long and the number of splice cores is small. This is not surprising in winter.

4. Splicing loss:

As everyone knows, fusion splicer is used for optical signal transmission. After the fusion point, the signal will be lost. The main reason for the quality of optical fiber splicer is that the smaller the loss after welding is, the better. At present, the fusion loss of the splice on the market is about 0.02 dB.

5. Battery power supply:

The larger the battery capacity, the longer the battery charge time is, just like the cell capacity of the mobile phone.

for example

The Fujikura welding battery is mostly 13.2v, the capacity is generally 4500mAh, and the core of all electric fusion is about 200. Fujikura also has some high-end machines with a battery capacity of 9000mah and stronger welding ability.

6. Operating environment:

Such as altitude, air temperature and so on. In special areas, such as very cold places, because the optical fiber splicer must discharge, the temperature and altitude must be taken into account. The bigger the scope of support, the better the machine.

7. Machine life:

If it is the life of the splice, the domestic splice can be used for 3 years under normal welding conditions, and the imported splice can be used for 5 years. The average welding machine is about 150 units per day, and the average welding machine is 200 working days per year. 10000-12 million cores. Usually six months should pay attention to do some maintenance.

8. Optical fiber magnification:

This parameter can be used as a reference for the function of optical fiber splicer. The larger the magnification, the higher the accuracy of the fiber splice and the lower the loss.

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