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Kebijakan pengiriman

Shipping policy
1: When we get your order ,we will ship the product within 36 hours.
2: We will connect with you to told you we have shipped the product for you. We will send you the shipping method and shipping number.
3: If you are in the US, it will be about 15 work days to get the product. If you are in other product, you can told us the address and we will give the shipping time to you.
4: If there is product lost during the shipping, please connect with us and we will send you another product as soon as we ensure the message.
5: If you want to cancel the order, you can connect with us within 12 hours after you create the order. If you connect with us after 36 after you create the order ,we will charge you the shipping price of the product and refund the other money to you .