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Tips For Optical Fiber Power Meter Testing

If you are trying to find a good way to test the optical fiber power meter, Congratulations, you will find useful optical fiber power meter testing skills.

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Optical fiber power meter

Optical power meter is an instrument for measuring absolute optical power or relative loss of optical power through a section of optical fiber. In optical fiber measurement, optical power meter is a kind of heavy load common instrument. By measuring absolute power of transmitter or optical network, optical power meter can evaluate the performance of optical terminal equipment. The combination of optical power meter and stable light source can measure connection loss, check continuity and help evaluate the transmission quality of optical fiber link.

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1. Measuring absolute optical power with optical power meter
As long as the light source is connected, the value of the second row DBM in the screen is the optical power value.
2. Optical power meter measures optical fiber attenuation
If the luminous value of the light-emitting device is known, it can be directly connected to the measured optical fiber. After obtaining the value, the luminous value of the light-emitting device is subtracted from the value, and then the attenuation value of the measured optical fiber is obtained. Fiber can be obtained. If you do not know the luminous value of the light emitting device, do the following:

1) first, it is necessary to provide light source equipment, such as optical transceiver, optical terminal, light module, stable light source, etc., which can provide light source equipment, 1310nm, 1490nm and 1550nm with luminous wavelength of 850nm, 960nm and 1300nm.

2) adjust the wavelength nm (the first line of the display), which is the output wavelength of the light source. The single mode is generally 1310nm and 1550nm, and the multimode is generally 850nm. If you are not sure, you can consult the manufacturer of lighting OPGW junction box equipment.

3) the luminous power value is dBm (showing second rows). The luminous value of the stable light source is the luminous value of the stable light source.

4) dB (shown in third rows) is directly calculated in the first measurement and can be ignored.
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I hope this information will help you to test your optical fiber power meter. If you have more questions, please click here to contact our optical power meter specialist to solve your doubts.
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