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How to Cleaning & maintenance electrodes for Fujikura fusion splicer?

The "splicing" of fusion splicer is also called hot melting. Hot melting, as the name implies, is to achieve the purpose of optical fiber connection by heating. How does this heating work? The answer is to conduct arc discharge through electrode .

How to maintenance  electrodes  for Fujikura  fusion splicer

The Fujikura electrode's tip before use is relatively clean, and its metal material is also very hard, which will not be worn by external forces. However, it is inevitable that the discharge tip will slowly wear and age because it needs to withstand high temperature and high voltage discharge for a long time. At high temperature, the glass material ions of the optical fiber will diffuse, and some impurities will be adsorbed on the tip of the electrode rod. For a long time, white substances will be found on the tip of the electrode rod, forming non-conductive insulating impurities, which will lead to poor discharge stability of the electrode rod and increase the welding loss. In order to ensure the welding quality and make the service life of the electrode rod close to the ideal value, it is necessary to regularly maintain the electrode rod when the welding machine is used.

used electrode

                       Before the old electrode is cleaned

Cleaning procedure of electrode

1.Take out the Fujikura electrode

2.Wipe the electrode with a cotton swab stained with alcohol

If the tip is stained with obvious particles, small particle sandpaper can be used.

3.Return of electrode

4.Discharge correction

After the electrode returns to its original position, we cannot directly use the fusion splicer for welding. It can only be used normally after discharge correction.

5.Prepare left and right optical fibers

6.Complete discharge correction

Perform discharge correction, and display "Good power, good position" to complete discharge correction.

After completing the above steps, our cleaning work will be completed. However, one thing must to say is that the electrode  has a service life. When the electrode  is worn down to a certain extent, it should be replaced in time. In addition, it is also important to select high-quality original electrode rods. If fake electrode are used, the discharge voltage may be unstable during splicing, which may burden or even damage the power components inside the fusion splicer.

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