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Fusion Splicer Repair & Maintenance Service

As a fusion Splicer Service Center we provide repairs and maintenace, spare parts and technical support for  Fusion Splicers & splicing machine and accessories.

Guaranteed 24-hour turnaround is available upon request at a premium service rate.
fusion splicer repair services
To reach a service technician, please contact us at:sales@opticfibertool.com

Fusion Splicers We Service:

Fujikura Fusion Splicer Repair Service
Fujikura Models Include: FUJIKURA 90R, 90S,90S+,88S,88S+ FSM-80S, FSM-80R, 80S,FSM-70S, FSM-70R, FSM-60S, FSM-60R, FSM-50S, FSM-50R, and more...

Sumitomo Fusion Splicer Repair Service
Sumitomo Models Include: Q102, Q101, TYPE-82C+,TYPE-82C,TYPE-81C,Type-66, Type-65, Type-63, Type-39,and more...

Fitel Fusion Splicer Repair Service
Fitel Models Include: S179, S178, S153, S123, S177 and more...

COMWAY Fusion Splicer Repair Service
COMWAY Models Include: C10,C9,C8,C6,A3,C10S,C6S,A33,A4,C10R and more...

INNO Fusion Splicer Repair Service
INNO Models Include: View View 7, View 5,View 3, IFS-10, IFS-15H and more...

JETFIBER Fusion Splicer Repair Service
JETFIBER Models Include: x6,x4,h5,x6+,x4+,x5.

TEKCN Fusion Splicer Repair Service
TEKCN Models Include: TC-600, TC-600i,tc-400, tc-400i and more...

Our fusion splicer repair center has all the necessary parts to repair your fusion splicer. If you have an older splicer that may not be repairable we offer fusion splicer old for new service.

Don't see your fusion splicer & splicing machine model. please contact us at:sales@opticfibertool.com and we'll let you know if we can repair your splicer.

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  • I have an fukijura 90s that says zLmotor over run and i can not send it to afl. And i need it worked on in a bad way. Thanks for any help.

    Heath johnson

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