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How to choose the right OTDR based on wavelength?

OTDR conventional wavelength
Singlemode wavelength: 1310nm /1550nm
Multimode wavelength: 850nm/1300nm

Non-online PON network wavelength: 1490nm is a new service wavelength inPON network, In fact, the characteristics of 1310/1550nm and 1490nm are similarand 1490nm devices are expensive and costly, so most of the time they don'tmeasure 1490nm.1310/1490/1550nm are only limited to testing before the PONnetwork is opened. After opening, these three wavelengths cannot be used fortesting.
PON network online service wavelength (for live fiber testing): 1625nm or1650nm. lt must be testable online without affecting business.In addition, after thePON network is opened, there is sianal transmission in the optical fiber. During onlinetesting, a filter needs to be added in the OTDR to filter out the service signal enteringthe OTDR. So we always call the online service wavelength filtered 1625nm orfiltered 1650nm.

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